Why You Should Work With A (Good) Guitar Teacher

The problem with picking up bits and pieces of guitar technique here and there from friends, the Internet or other media is that it often leads to the situation of trying to run before you can walk. You will get where you want to go faster if you learn things in the right order, and an experienced guitar teacher can show you this.

How do you ask a DVD or a book to explain in detail something that's confusing you? Can you ask the guy you're watching on Youtube to slow down and show you exactly what he's doing? This is one of the main benefits of having a live teacher in the room with you.

A huge advantage of taking lessons from an experienced guitar teacher is being given regular encouragement to move forward with your guitar playing. Having someone there to help motivate you when you feel like giving up is the primary reason that students who learn with a teacher prosper and continue to develop far longer than those that have no such support to keep them motivated.

Finally, I see the fretboard as I've always wanted to - I can see where notes are and feel where a melody fits - the Holy Grail of unlocking the fretboard.

I now see the guitar completely differently, in that I understand and can apply chord construction, scales, etc. to my everyday playing.

- Andrew Rossiter

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  • Learn things in the right order.
  • Get instant feedback on your guitar playing technique in real time.
  • Stay motivated and inspired.
  • Learn how to practice effectively.
  • Save TIME and MONEY!

Studying for an hour a week won't by itself make you a better guitar player. It's how you spend the time between lessons that really counts, and this is where a good teacher makes all the difference. If you know what to practice, and for how often, you cannot fail to improve.... but is Youtube going to help you figure that out?

You could spend months or even years wasting time and money on DVDs, online courses and other ineffective guitar methods promising the ultimate short cut to great guitar playing. There is so much (mis)information around these days that it can be very hard to know what you should be doing to move forward, whilst avoiding the many trial-and-error pitfalls which could actually slow your progress or worse still, put you off guitar for life. A good teacher will deliver exactly the information you need, when you need it.

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